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San Francisco Giants

"they can't defend their titles?"



by 1 Jurors

The San Francisco Giants are a Major League Baseball (MLB) team based in San Francisco, California that plays in the National League West Division. Originally known as the New York Gothams, the team moved to San Francisco in 1958.
As one of the longest-established professional baseball teams, the franchise has won the most games of any team in the history of American baseball, and any North American professional sports team. The team was the first major league team based in New York City, most memorably playing at the legendary Polo Grounds. They have won 22 National League pennants and appeared in 19 World Series competitions – both records in the National League. The Giants' 7 World Series Championships rank second in the National League (the St. Louis Cardinals have won 11) and fifth overall (behind the New York Yankees (27), St. Louis Cardinals (11), Oakland Athletics (9), and the Boston Red Sox (8)). The Giants have played in the World Series 19 times but boycotted the event in 1904.
The Giants have the most Hall of Fame players in all of professional baseball. The Giants' rivalry with the Dodgers is one of the longest-standing and biggest rivalries in American baseball. The teams began their rivalry as the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers, respectively, before moving west for the 1958 season.
The Giants played at the Polo Grounds in Manhattan, New York, until the close of the 1957 season, after which they moved west to California to become the San Francisco Giants. As the New York Giants, they won 14 pennants and 5 World Series championships behind managers such as John McGraw and Bill Terry and players like Christy Mathewson, Carl Hubbell, Mel Ott, Bobby Thomson, and Willie Mays. The Giants have won five pennants and three World Series championships since arriving in San Francisco.

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img Jesse "Burgerm'n" Radin posted a review

It might not mean much. They've won three world series in the past six seasons. 2010, 2012, and 2014... World Series. But at the same time as my friend Edric would tell me, "they can't defend their titles" meaning they never make the playoffs the year after they win the world series.

And he is right, too. 2011... nothing. 2013... nothing. 2015... nothing. Sure in 2011 and 2015 they kept themselves in the race, but he's right. They don't defend their titles. But they are a great team with a lot of heart and I'm a diehard fan since 1986.

I do kind of miss Candlestick Park, where it was windier and there were fewer casual fans and you could get a decent "nosebleed section" ticket for fewer than $10!

I really like the team we have. Crawford and Posey are both among the best hitters at their positions and I hope we keep them around.

on January 1, 2016
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San Francisco Giants

they can't defend their titles?
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